Silverette® and O-Feel® Bundle

Silverette® and O-Feel® Bundle

Silverette® and O-Feel® Bundle

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Silverette® nursing cups with their patented design, sit comfortably on the nipple in the bra to prevent, soothe and heal sore and cracked nipples.

0-Feel® silicone rings fit around the edge of your Silverettes to create a super soft and comfortable wearing experience. Suitable for the most sensitive and engorged breasts. Will also help keep your Silverettes in place.


Sore nipples are common when a mother starts her breastfeeding journey. Made from 925 silver, Silverette® nursing cups have antimicrobial properties that are beneficial for efficient wound prevention & repair.

Silverettes® are worn between breastfeeds and are held in place by a nursing bra. The silver is in contact with the nipple, which creates the environment to heal.

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